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Are you making THESE common yoga mistakes?

It’s hard trying to be perfect all the time, right?

Whether you’re new to yoga or a dedicated yoga junkie, you’ll always have days where your practice feels a little ‘off’ and the benefits are hard to come by.

Often the way we differentiate a ‘good’ class from a ‘bad’ one is by measuring physical performance - feeling on par with everyone else in the room, going deeper in postures than you have before or not wobbling as much as usual.

But by seeking speedy and perfect physical results, you could be unknowingly sabotaging your precious time on the mat!

Whilst there’s no blueprint to how your yoga practice should look or feel, you may be surprised to discover these 4 common mistakes that are holding you back from living your best (yoga) life!

Doing what your teacher tells you, no matter how it feels

If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it - it’s simple! Your teacher is there to guide you through a safe practice but only you can feel what works in your body. Any good teacher will offer modifications and adjustments to allow yoga to work for your body, and if you need further guidance then just ask - we don’t bite, I promise!

Trying to advance too quickly

I know, you like to see results FAST but forcing yourself into postures that you’re not ready for (and your individual anatomy may deem you never ready for!) will only cause you pain not progress. It may take a while to see or feel your progress but once you do, it will be worth the wait, trust me!

Treating yoga as a workout

Yes, yoga can make you stronger, more flexible and physically fitter, but are you also feeling the calming and quieting benefits in your mind? I’ll admit, it’s easy to be drawn to the faster and more intense styles of yoga if your existing lifestyle is synonymous with this. If you’re racing around living a busy life, a slower and more restorative yoga practice is just what you need to take you out of the fast lane into a space of calm and quiet. Sounds blissful, right?

Comparing yourself to other more ‘experienced’ yogis

If you’re spending more time looking around the room at what everyone else is doing and worrying that you’re not doing it right or aren’t good enough, then you’re never going to be fully invested in your own practice and progress. Celebrate the small wins, the wobbles and the individuality of your own practice, because no one else can feel what you feel (and no one else in that room cares what you look like!)

I’m sure some of these will sound familiar, whether you’ve been practicing for days, months or years! So tell me, what mistakes have you overcome in your yoga practice?

And if reading this has been a real eye opener to some of the mistakes you’re making in your practice, it’s absolutely normal and easy to change! Just a few small adjustments is all it takes to switch your mindset and elevate your practice! Comment below to find out how!

Until next time,

Emily x

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