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Have you found the one

Choosing a yoga class for you can be a daunting experience - what if you won't be good enough? An hour seems like such a long time to commit! You need to know what you’re doing to fit in!

All these are enough to put anyone off joining a new class, but perhaps you simply haven't found the right one!

No two people are the same, so why should your yoga practice be? I offer a variety of styles including Vinyasa, Slow Flow and Yin to suit your needs. Inclusive and multi-level sequencing breaks down challenges in an accessible way so you can find a style and pace that works for you.


Emily is a great teacher, who consistently finds new ways to approach yoga. I particularly enjoy her yin yoga classes, as they are always well thought out and calming. The little thoughts and meditations she introduces are always relevant and interesting to ponder whilst in the poses.

Rachel, Bristol

Group classes not for you?

  • Are you intimated by group yoga classes? 

  • Do you fall into the comparison trap practicing around more 'experienced' yogis? 

  • Want better and faster results?

Private 1-1 sessions provide an opportunity to explore postures and themes on a deeper level, putting YOU at the centre of your practice! We'll work together to create a toolkit of knowledge and skills in a supportive environment to achieve faster results that work around your busy schedule. 

Ready to step up your yoga practice? Get in touch to discuss your tailor made options

Tidy Desk

Corporate Wellbeing

  • Are your staff stressed and overworked? 

  • Would you like a happier, healthier and more productive workforce? 

  • Ready to improve staff wellbeing?

Working full time in the media industry, I know first hand that time is limited but stress is high when it comes to a corporate lifestyle!

Whether you're office based or working from home, yoga is a great way to carve some time out of your working day for your health and wellbeing.

I currently teach at Channel 4, and can offer tailored packages including desk yoga, breathwork and meditation to help improve wellbeing and reduce stress in your workplace. Taking time to pause not only helps your productivity and mental wellbeing, but can alleviate physical tension built up with desk working. 

Get in touch to discuss a bespoke corporate wellbeing option for your workplace. 

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