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Don't just take my word for it! 
Here's what some of my lovely students have to say about the classes, workshops and events I can share with you.

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Chloe, London

Emily weaves her knowledge and tips seamlessly into her practice and I’ve learnt so much from her. Her classes are both physically and emotionally engaging, while being reflective and restful enough to help me unwind after a day at my desk. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Georgina, Edinburgh

If you're looking for a yoga class, I cannot recommend Emily highly enough!

When I first started attending Emily's yoga classes in April 2020 I was a complete beginner. With the start of lockdown, I was looking for something to help me stay active while the gym was shut but now, nearly seven months later, Emily's yoga class has become an important part of my weekly workout routine. 

Emily is knowledgeable and teaches with compassion - she is always able to offer adaptations based on your needs, whether that be to simplify things or to make things more challenging. Her tailor-made playlists are always a perfect accompaniment for the mood of the class. 

Emily's classes have helped to develop my physical strength and flexibility, but I have been surprised how much they have helped me mentally, too. Her Slow and Flow class is great for unwinding at the end of a hectic week but it has been her Vinyasa Flow sessions which have helped me the most. As well as breaking down the physical skills needed throughout the practice, Emily explores the mental strategies we can use to help us when we meet new challenges during the class. I've found her words incredibly helpful outside of yoga, whether it be getting me through a challenging run or coping in a moment of stress at work. 

Thank you Emily - I can't wait to see what you've got lined up for us next!


Kate, London

Emily’s yoga is great, both after a busy day at work or a quiet day at home. It has been great to recognize how shallow my breathing is in day to day life, so learning in class how to slow it down based on a box breathing method is something I can use in everyday life when thing start to become fast-paced. 

Emily has a lot of knowledge about the body’s anatomy, and I really enjoy learning about the different muscles and the nervous system when we are working that part of the body, as she drops useful facts into the practice flow! 

The vinyasa flow classes are great for getting the blood flowing and strengthening my arms, legs, and core, whereas the slow flow class is great for slowing down the mind and breath ready for sleeping. I really enjoy the variation between the two classes. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my balance and strength over the weeks, and can definitely notice when I’ve had a couple of weeks off! 

Emily’s classes are far from intimidating to join. She offers variations to postures to allow you to adapt it to your own abilities, which makes it great for both beginners and intermediate abilities to join. I’d highly recommend Emily’s yoga to anyone! 


Jo, York

The zoom session was a wonderful experience. Emily explained the breathing technique perfectly and each position was explained and demonstrated also to perfection. I finished the class feeling stretched, more flexible and very relaxed. Slept so well that night!

My first session with her showed me just how much had been missed from my previous online experience. I am looking forward to joining more classes in future.


Rachel, Bristol

Emily is a great teacher, who consistently finds new ways to approach yoga. I particularly enjoy her yin yoga classes, as they are always well thought out and calming. The little thoughts and meditations she introduces are always relevant and interesting to ponder whilst in the poses.


Nicola, York

Emily takes into account all abilities, whether you are a complete yoga beginner or more experienced. She makes adjustments and is very patient with the less experienced. I particularly like the Slow Flow and Yin classes.

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