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How to set intentions the yoga way

It's mid January - the joy of new year is over and all that January motivation is starting to dwindle....

+ Already feeling like you’ve set yourself impossible goals for the new year?

+ Got swept up with January motivation but now left wondering how you’ll have time to achieve it all?

+ Finding it hard to stick to your resolutions?

Instead of choosing resolutions that you’ll probably have ditched by the end of January, why not take the yogic approach and set a Sankalpa, or intention?

Forget the same old self-improvement resolutions driven by what society expects of you and tune into what you really want from 2022.

The yogic practice of Sankalpa invites you to discover an intention that is rooted in your heart and mind and is therefore purposeful and meaningful to you. If you’ve been to a yoga class before, you may have been invited to set an intention for your practice. Think more along the lines of ‘I will stay present in my practice and do my best’ rather than ‘I will finally nail a handstand’!

The biggest difference between a resolution and Sanklapa is that the latter doesn’t force change. Sankalpa is founded on the premise that you already have everything within you to be happy and reach your potential.

How do you know what your Sankalpa should be? The key is to keep it simple, even just a word or phrase that succinctly capture your intention.

- Want less stress this year? Perhaps your Sankapa is surrender.

- Want to feel more energised and less tired? Your Sankalpa may be rest.

- Want more time to sp

end with your friends and family? This could be a Sankalpa of balance.

It will be different for everyone, which is why the best way to access it is to look within. Spend some time being present and listening to what your body and mind are telling you - they are very wise, trust me!

To help you get started, here’s some key things to remember when creating intentions for the new year - follow these and I can guarantee you’ll be more likely to stay on track and succeed.

Remember, change doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t need to be extreme to be effective so always be kind to yourself and enjoy the inevitably eventful ride that is 2022!

Happy intention setting! Let me know how you get on!

Until next time,

Emily x

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