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Can't touch your toes? The answer is simple...

Can't touch your toes? The answer is easier than you think...


The number of times people say to me ‘I’ve always wanted to try yoga but I’m not flexible enough’

I’ve lost count! It’s like saying you won’t learn Spanish because you don’t speak Spanish. It doesn’t make sense!

The reality is that if you can put your shoes on, then you can touch your toes!

Saying that, it’s easy to see where you’re coming from. You take to Instagram or YouTube to get tips on how to start yoga but all you find are super bendy yogis with their legs wrapped around their head. Not a niche you could be part of even if you wanted to!

If you only ever learn one thing from me, let it be this: Flexibility is an outcome not a prerequisite!

You’re unlikely to walk into your first yoga class and fall effortlessly into forward fold or slide easily into splits. In fact, I’ve been practicing yoga for more years than I care to remember and I STILL bend my knees in a forward fold and my hips are nowhere near the floor in splits! I’ve learnt more about myself and my body from the challenges, not the achievements.

If flexibility is filling you with fear, here’s some things to remember:

Your practice is a journey

You wouldn’t run a marathon without doing any training and yoga is no different - once you take the first step, you’ll be in it for the long run - in the best way possible!

Your body type is as unique as you

Yes, with consistent practice and dedication, your flexibility will increase but you will never look identical to anyone else in the yoga studio. Different skeletal structures allow for different ranges of motion meaning no matter how hard you try, some postures will never be as you imagined. Which leads nicely onto my next tip..

Flex your mindset

You’re not going to like this but the only thing not flexible enough is your mindset! Say SHH to your ego and let go of expectations of how you think you should look. Be prepared to open your mind to adapting the practice for your body as well as receiving all the other amazing benefits along the way.

And one last pearl of wisdom: Having longer hamstrings will not make you happier, fulfilled or more enlightened - sorry!

Are you ready to let your inflexibility become a gift rather than a burden? I’m ready to welcome you with open arms into my community of like-minded ‘inflexible’ yogis - simply click here to get started!

Emily x

PS. Remember to bend your knees - your lower back will thank you for it later!

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