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4 Benefits of In Person Yoga Classes

Hands up who’d never heard of Zoom before March 2020?

Yep, me too! Yet I’m sure you’ve now spent a fair few hours in this virtual world, whether it’s important work meetings, virtual parties or the odd yoga class here and there.

Thanks to YouTube and more recently, Zoom, online yoga is now more accessible than ever before and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. But neither will the yoga studios!

If you’re used to doing yoga in the comfort of your own home, the thought of going to a studio can feel far out of your comfort zone - the unknowns, the ‘more experienced’ people, the fancy equipment. However, there are many benefits to taking your practice outside of your four walls, especially if you’re a yoga newbie!

Here’s 4 reasons why stepping outside of your living room and into a studio will improve your practice:


Doing yoga at home is great until your practice is interrupted by the phone ringing, pets taking over the mat, and people wandering in and out of the room. Not quite the relaxing experience you had hoped for! Why not treat yourself to some time away from all the chaos in a relaxing and peaceful studio environment with no screens, no phones and no people to distract you.


Did you know the word yoga means ‘union’? Studio yoga gives you the opportunity to connect with like minded people and feel the collective energy during class. Worried you won’t be as good as everyone else? Chances are they feel the same too! Studios provide a safe space for you to breathe and move together - wobbles and all!


Ever had the intention of waking up early to squeeze in a home yoga class before work but instead hit snooze on your alarm? I’m guilty of that one! Doing a quick Yoga with Adriene class here and there is great when you’re short on time, but who is holding you accountable? Booking a studio class gives you the accountability to show up - once you’ve booked and paid, you’re less likely to bail out and more likely to commit to showing up for yourself.


No two people’s practice is the same and there really is no better way to receive personalised adjustments than in a physical class. Long term this means less chance of injury and faster progress towards your goals. And remember, if you aren’t comfortable with hand on adjustments, just let your teacher know - adjustments don’t just have to be physical!

So, are you yoga newbie ready to take the IRL plunge or a seasoned studio yogi? What do you love about studio yoga? I'd love to know your thoughts!

Until next time,

Emily x

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