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Vinyasa Flow Bundle - Splits

Vinyasa Flow Bundle - Splits

In this 4 class series, you'll have the opportunity to work towards Hanumanasana (Splits) in a way that feels safe, comfortable and nourishing for the body, exploring different variations and transitions with the use of props for support. 


Class 1: Hips

I'll let you into a secret - for most of us, a safe and comfortable Hanumanasana doesn't involve the hips being flush to the floor, despite what you may see on social media! Jamming the hips towards the floor can lead to back pain and other injury, so this class will work on engagement of the hips and finding a level pelvis to build a strong foundation in the posture. 


Class 2: Hamstrings

Whether it's desk working, watching TV or commuting, our sedentary lifestyle leaves our hamstrings screaming for some love and attention! So how do we keep them happy? This class will explore how we work the hamstrings, the trick being not to overstretch but to nourish, strengthen and engage to feel more supported in your Hanumanasana. 


Class 3: Finding Balance

Find your balance with both feet on the ground! When you first attempt Splits, the temptation is to bring all the attention to stretching the front leg. Ignoring what is happening in the rest of the body can put our practice off balance and lead to injury in places we turn a blind eye. Having explored the requirements of both the front and back leg in the previous two classes, this class will take a holistic approach to Splits, examining what is happening in the body as a whole and not just the front leg to find a balanced centrepoint to work from. 


Class 4:  Putting it all together

A final opportunity to put all your skills into practice. Connect with your breath to ease deeper into Splits, whichever variations works for you, and have some fun!


*Each class is a 60 minute recording of the live Zoom class*


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