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Vinyasa Flow Bundle - Side Plank

Vinyasa Flow Bundle - Side Plank

Build your pillars of stability, strength and balance with this Vasisthasana (Side Plank) class bundle. This series is a progressive Vinyasa flow, exploring different variations of the posture to find one that works best for your body.  Each class breaks down a different anatomical feature of Side Plank to provide a full body awareness - because arm balances are not just about arms! Once we stop thinking of Side Plank as solely a posture for arms and shoulders, it becomes a lot more accessible. 


Class 1: Hips

The shoulders and hips allow for many ranges of motion, but the shoulder blade is not designed to carry the same kind of weight as the ball and socket of the hip joint. The hips are supported by much larger and stronger ligaments and muscles, so let's put them to good use! 


Class 2: Arm strength and stability

Have you ever come into Side Plank with a shaking arm or wrist pain? Arm balances like Side Plank require the shoulders to support the weight of the torso in a way that the shoulder blade isn't naturally built for, which can cause injury if not done correctly. This class will explore ways we can make adjustments to move into the posture with stability, strength and understanding. 


Class 3: Core activation

Unlike Plank pose, the side variation requires us to use muscles that are much less frequently activated, such as the obliques and transverse abdominus. These all play a role in supporting and stabilizing the lateral position of the body in Side Plank. This fiery class will wake up and warm up those key muscles!


Class 4: Adding it all together

Let's put all the pillars into practice for one final Vasisthasana practice! 


*Each class is a 60 minute recording of the live Zoom class*

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