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Vinyasa Flow Bundle - Wheel

Vinyasa Flow Bundle - Wheel

Strong Back, Soft Front, Wild Heart! 


Challenge your strength and stamina with this 4 class series exploring Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel) pose. Expect plenty of back strenghtening and heart opening, with each class themed to break down component parts of the posture to help you better understand the physical mechanics of the shape. Throughout the classes, I'll guide you towards finding comfort and ease in your backbends, rather than strain and pain. So what are you waiting for? Embark on the journey to set your wild heart free!


Class 1: Shoulders + Upper Body Mobility

Say goodbye to lower back pain and hello to spinal extension as we learn how to open the shoulders and mobilise our upper back and thorax region to prepare for safer and deeper backbending. A great class for anyone who spends time hunched over devices! 


Class 2: Hips

Because backbending isn't all about our backs! Learn how neutral hip alignment, open hip flexors and gluteal strength can help us go deeper in our backbends. 


Class 3: Core

Being able to come into a backbend doesn't just require flexibility. Strength and stability are paramount to support the spine as we go deeper. This means keeping the spine mobile in all planes of motion, and this class will fire up the core muscles around the side body and back to support the spine in its movement. 


Class 4: Putting it all together! 

For the final class of the series, combine knowledge of all the component parts to find a variation of Urdhva Danurasana that 'wheel-y' works for you and your body! 


*Each class is a 60 minute recording of the live Zoom class*



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