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Vinyasa Flow Bundle - Bird of Paradise

Vinyasa Flow Bundle - Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is a challenge of flexbility, strength, stability and balance. It can be as much a mental challenge as it is physical, making space for confidence to rise strong just as the body does. This series will take you on a journey of rooting with well-intentioned foundations to draw energy up and through the body, blossoming into a Bird of Paradise. You might stumble, wobble or lose motivation, but what would any journey be without these things! So, are you ready to rise strong? 


Class 1: Feet + Seat 

Start your journey to Bird of Paradise from the ground up. This first class of the series will invite you to create stable foundations by exploring weight distribution in your feet, seat and all that's inbetween! 


Class 2: Hips

Shift your focus further up the body with this class exploring how range of motion and external rotation of the hips allows us to rise into Bird of Paradise without hauling the leg away from the ground. 


Class 3: Shoulders + Chest

Prepare the shoulders and chest to bind in the third class of the series. Binding is a delicate process that requires curiosity, compassion and determination in order to avoid unnecessary injury. This class will play with extension and rotation of the arms to find ease in your Bird of Paradise bind. 


Class 4: Binding it all together

Your final class to 'bind' together all the components of the peak posture. With practice, patience and resilience we can piece together all the elements, feel how they translate in your body, and soar with confidence into Bird of Paradise. 


*Each class is a 60 minute recording of the live Zoom class*

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