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Slow Flow Bundle - Journey through the Niyamas

Slow Flow Bundle - Journey through the Niyamas

Yoga is more than just fancy shapes on a mat, and this 5 class series will allow you to bring some of the ancient philosophical teachings of yoga into your physical practice. 


The Niyamas are personal observances that guide us towards the most authentic versions of ourselves, and are just as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. Each class will be themed around a different Niyama, using movement, breathwork and meditation to embody the qualities of the theme. You'll not only finish each class feeling relaxed and rejuvinated, but with a deeper connection to your practice that will bring you closer to your most authentic inner self, guided by the philisophical teachings at the heart of yoga. 


Class 1: SAUCHA

The first Niyama to explore is Saucha, meaning cleanliness or purity. It refers not only to the idea of cleaning your home or body, but also how you feed yourself, the people you spend time with, and the way you talk to yourself. What we choose to read, eat, listen to and engage in is all food for the body, mind and spirit. Nourish your body in this class with purifying breathwork, a cleansing meditation and a slow flow to invite purity to your mind, body and soul. 



The second Niyama on the journey is Santosha, meaning contentment. In this practice, you'll

have the freedom to explore postures with enjoyment, finding joy and contentment with wherever your body and mind take you! Let go of the ego and open up the heart space to unlock compassion and acceptance towards your own body and practice. 


Class 3: TAPAS

Tapas is the third Niyama, and is most often interpreted as discipline, passion or commitment. This will mean different things for each of us in our yoga practice. For some, it will mean cultivating the discipline to work towards a challenging asana. For others, the discipline will be taking the time to sit still, to stay longer in savasana, or to practice meditation. This class offers an invitiation to lean further towards your personal challenges on the mat, whether that be turning up the heat or slowing down to stillness. 



The next stop on the journey through the Niyamas is Svadhyaya, meaning self-study or self-reflection. This class invites you to become a witness of your own practice. Can you take yourself off auto-pilot and explore a different way of moving? Where do you feel tension? How is your breathing? What thoughts come to mind throughout? 



The fith and final Niyama, Ishvara Pranidhana, commonly translates as surrender to a higher power, ensuring every action is an offering to something bigger than ourselves. In this practice, explore letting go of the ego and listen to what your body really needs. Surrendering expectations and control can be the most powerful action we can take in our practice, so allow the breath to be your guide as you move with trust and presence. 


*Each class is a 60 minute recording of the live Zoom class*

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